At Likha Pharmaceuticals quality is a way of life, we believe that there are no short cuts. We have, an experienced team to meet the highest regulatory and quality standards.


Our Innovation process is based on structured research targeting the root cause of pain points in the areas of - Biopharma. Biotechnology markets.


We follow highest standards of environment and safety practices. Our facility has a zero-discharge process and the company ensures safe disposal of any and all waste generated.

Welcome To Likha!

The company has a passion for innovation and a mission to redefine the healthcare scenario in India. Through our technology integration and holistic expertise, we aim for excellence in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry.

Our portfolio consists of all dosage forms in multiple therapeutic areas spread across various specialties. The company's broad spectrum of products, its cutting-edge Research & Development and its culture of service to customers, has help it to be a majorplayer in the market. The company's efforts remain directed towards capturing and developing novel therapeutic solutions for unmet medical needs.


Works That Matters

All these products should be within easy reach of the consumer backed by a continuous and new products, manufactured under strict quality control and as per W.H.O guidelines are just a few factors that contribute to our success..


Our mission is to provide the global population with access to every available form of medication that will help them lead long and healthy lives.


Our goal is to know the exact need of our customers and provide products and services to their complete satisfaction.

Qualified Medical Facilities

Our strong clinical management and care teams provide the highest standard of nursing care available. Our high staff to resident ratio guarantees that a continuum of care is provided in a homely, safe and secure environment where each resident gets the most out of living.

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